The Best Exercises to Do with a Speediance Gym


One of the major worries individuals have about home gyms is whether or not the equipment will be adequate for them. The truth is that a Speediance gym offers various exercises, many of which are just as effective as those done in a conventional gym.

Some of the best activities you may perform in your smart gym at home include:

Kneeling Shoulder Press

This exercise is excellent for your upper body and promotes whole body muscle growth. You may do it almost anywhere in your house because it doesn’t take up much room. Due to the fact that it doesn’t place strain on the shoulder area, this exercise is also great for those with shoulder injuries or issues. When performing this exercise with weights, you should use lighter weights than you would typically use for a standing shoulder press.

Straight Arm Pull Downs

Another excellent workout for your upper body, particularly the muscles in your back, is this one. This exercise simultaneously works both sides of the body, making it perfect for people who desire a balanced workout without favouring one side of their bodies over the other excessively.

Tricep Pulldown

The sole variation from a bicep curl is that you’ll use a long bar hooked to a pulley system over your head instead of an adjustable bench or seat. Take hold of the bar with both hands, gently lower it till it meets your chest, then let go and repeat the exercise! This works out effectively for your upper body, including the triceps; and tones them just as you want them to be.

Cable Woodchops

Lower back and shoulders are worked well by the excellent exercise known as cable woodchops. Instead of working one side at a time as you would with dumbbells or barbells, the cable crossover machine enables you to complete this exercise while simultaneously using both arms. By doing so, you can increase the movement’s intensity while still keeping appropriate form.

Bicep Curl

Although it is simple to perform, it might be difficult if you use excessive weight or perform your repetitions too quickly. Because it restricts how far down you may go before having to start over for your next repetition, the cable crossover machine helps you maintain good form when completing bicep curls. With continued use, this helps increase muscle definition and strength development by lowering tension on your shoulders and elbows.

Negative Rep Chest Press

The important thing with this exercise is to ensure you can decrease the weight slowly enough to give yourself time to complete a few more reps after it has completely descended. By doing this, you can strengthen your chest muscles more effectively than if you merely descended to the bottom of each rep and then rose back up.


Functional components will probably end up being more durable and improving the appearance of a home gym. From your warm-up runs to actual training routines like squats, push-ups, and positions alongside a running machine or elliptical trainer, this kind of equipment is just what you need. Get yours today and try out the exercises, and feel how much you’ve been wasting going to the gym when you can have one at home!


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