Common Flavours in Japanese Soda


If you’re a fan of japanese sodas, then you know that the flavours are endless. From melon to lychee to grapefruit, there’s a flavour for everyone. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique than the usual lemon-lime or orange, here are some flavours to try next time you’re at the store:

Blueberry Soda

This is an unusual flavour that’s become popular in Japan over the last few years. It tastes like blueberry juice and is sweet but not too sweet — perfect for kids and adults alike!

Melon Soda

Melon sodas are very popular in Japan because they are very yummy and easy to drink on hot summer days when it’s hard to find anything cold enough to quench your thirst. The flavour is sweet but not too sweet and has a nice fruity taste without being overpowering.

Lychee Soda

This is another favourite among Japanese people and one that even non-Japanese people enjoy because of its unique taste. Lychee soda tastes similar to lychee fruit juice but with less sugar added so it’s not as sweet as other flavours such as melon or grapefruit (which often contain high amounts of sugar).

Calpis (an acquired taste)

The taste is somewhat hard to describe – it’s like drinking milk and yogurt at the same time, but without any creaminess or tanginess from either. It’s quite sweet and slightly sour, but not as acidic as most American sodas. The best way to describe it is like a cross between a milkshake and buttermilk (but without any milk). Some people love this stuff, while others hate it – so try it before you buy!

Ramune (lime-flavoured soda)

This one is famous for being packaged in an old-fashioned glass bottle that you need to shake before opening – otherwise, you’ll get a big gush of fizzy liquid all over your hands! Once you’ve managed to open the bottle (and maybe even spill some), what you’ll find inside is a delicious citrusy soda that tastes like Sprite crossed with lemonade and maybe just a touch of ginger. In some flavours, you need to open the bottle by pushing down on a marble inside (known as “pop-top”). When you open the bottle, carbon dioxide is released which makes popping sounds when you drink it!

Coconut Soda

Coconut soda is another popular drink in Japan. This flavour tastes like fresh coconut milk mixed with lemon juice or lime juice for an extra zingy kick. You might think that coconut would be too strong for a soft drink, but when combined with other flavours it makes for a delicious combination!

Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruit soda is not as common as other flavours, but it does appear on occasion at restaurants and cafes around Japan. Grapefruit has a slightly bitter taste that works well with other sweet flavours like melon or coconut soda!


It is always worth a try to try out new flavours. With regards to Japanese soda, it is more than just a beverage; the lemon and lime is often homemade, which adds to its unique taste. If you are curious on what soda may be available near you, search around and try different places. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the vendor if they have other flavours that you can try. From the taste of fruit flavour to the taste of natural flavour, people who want to buy unusual flavours can do it at any convenience stores.


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