How To Play Dance Dance Revolution?


For an interactive person like you, we have brought something exciting. What will you comment on an activity that is foot-oriented than the everyday activities we perform with hands? We are talking about the game called Dance Dance Revolution. The popularity of DDR needs no introduction. Played on ddr machine in the arcades, and this game has caused quite a stir.

This blog post is valuable because it trains you to play DDR. Stay tuned!

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance revolution is a fun interactive game that works by stepping on the arrows on a pad. The pad has got four arrows in different directions. According to the instructions, the gamer has to orient his steps in the directions on the pad, with his eyes on the screen.

Meanwhile, the gamer has to synchronize his movements with the beat and rhythm of the music. The DDR machine plays songs for this purpose.

Steps to play Dance Dance Revolution

1- Familiarize yourself with the equipment

Get yourself familiarized with the equipment before you start playing. Check the machine in detail. Get water to avoid dehydration and check the money and tokens.

2- Check the arcade setup.

Before starting to play, it is imperative to understand the equipment parts. These parts of the equipment will be used in the game.

  • Control pad: the control pad has arrows in four directions. The up, down, left, and right arrows.
  • Console buttons: The console buttons contain the left directional, right directional, and menu selection.
  • Console screen: this is the screen used to watch the game.
  • Handlebar: handlebar is most provided in the arcades.

3- Start the Game on The Arcade Machine

  1. Enter the considerable money or token needed to start playing the game.
  2. The screen style selection is the next step. To select a screen style, press the menu selection button.
  3. The next step is the selection of Mode. There are three types of modes to select from.
  • Single Mode: One player can play songs on one control pad in a single Mode.
  • Versus Mode: This Mode involves two players playing songs on their control pad.
  • Double Mode: double Mode involves two control pads. A single player can play songs on two adjacent control pads.

4- Song Selection

Playing songs is an essential part of playing DDR. The song can be selected using the left and right console selection buttons. Moving these buttons helps you navigate through the song list. Wisely choose the song, keeping in mind your know-how about the game. Your pace should match the song. There are songs matching every level. You are the one to decide whether you are a beginner or an expert for the chosen song.


DDR is a thriller and fun game that needs you to match your pace with the rhythm of songs and rock the game. To play the DDR, you must get to an arcade. Get accustomed to the equipment. Learn the basic operation. Select the song according to your expertise in the game and get started!


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