Incredible Features of Launch Diagnostic Tool


An electronic device called an automobile launch scan tool is used to communicate with, diagnose, and occasionally reprogram vehicles’ different programs. The car’s main systems, such as the Engine, Anti-lock braking system, supplemental restraint system, chassis, communication, and all other systems, can be diagnosed or checked for issues using a launch scan tool. All the problems of the vehicle can be easily located and can be addressed effectively and efficiently by using this tool.

Features of Launch Diagnostic Tool

Complete System Diagnostics

The launch diagnostic tool offers a complete thorough system diagnosis. It allows all the users to easily interpret systems diagnostic issue codes and a live stream of data, assisting in quickly and accurately locating vehicle issues. Launch diagnostic tool can work as a replacement for your mechanic. It can fully diagnose the engine, transmission, fuel, and emission systems. It can reach the points where a physical mechanic is not able to diagnose.

Variety of System Reset Features

It has a variety of system reset features like Steering Angle Calibration reset, TPMS Resets, EPB, ETS, ECU Coding, BMS, ABS Bleeding, DPF Regeneration, Oil Reset, IMMO, Throttle Matching, and Injector reset, which enable users to efficiently and effectively gain access to the systems of the vehicle and reset some partial parameters after maintenance and repair work is complete.

It Can Be Used For Many Cars

One launch diagnostic tool can be used for almost 90% of automobile models in Europe, Asia, and America. It has many different adapters which can be connected to other cars. It includes many big brands like Audi, Honda, Toyota, Porsche, Ford, Rover, and many more.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled

The launch diagnostic tools can be easily connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You don’t need any wires to communicate with the vehicle. The wireless system has made it very easy to check the issues. Instead of connecting with the car with cables, you can easily access the system of vehicles with a wireless connection. Most cars nowadays come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi accessibly.

Stores Complete History of the Vehicle

A launch scan tool also stores complete information related to vehicles. All the vehicle history is stored on the device which can be used later for understanding the issues in detail. It uses the android based system in the device which is also very easy to use. It summarizes all the details related to the vehicle history. A new mechanic can also view your vehicle’s past history with this device and plan its repair accordingly.


The launch scan tool is essential for car drivers because it can help you detect issues at any point when there is no physical mechanic available. You should always keep the launch diagnostic tool in your car when traveling. Now launch scan tools come with many different features and designs. Most of the launch scan tools now also work as an android tablet. So if you don’t have any launch scan tool, you should get one for your vehicle. At many points, it can save you from trouble and your time.


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