What to Look for Regarding Kids Camping Chairs


Going camping with the family is always a fun activity to engage in. To guarantee comfort for each family member, one of the important items to bring along is a camping chair. This holds true even if the family is camping with an RV. Camping chairs are an easy way to relax comfortably and enjoy the scenery. When it comes to camping chairs, be sure to pack adult and kids camping chairs separately.

Can kids use adult camping chairs?

It’s common to see parents trying to play smart by trying to let the kids make use of adult camping chairs during camp trips. Kids would be able to use these adult camping chairs but they wouldn’t be comfortable since they’re not designed for them. Since camping chairs are usually lightweight and not known to have the greatest stability, kids sitting on adult chairs are at risk of being tipped over. For safety reasons, it’s always advisable to invest in kids camping chairs.

Factors to consider for kids camping chairs

Now we know the importance of kids using kids chairs during camping trips, it’s also crucial to know what to consider when buying kids camping chairs.

Additional feature

The age of your kid would determine what additional feature you may want to find beyond the standard chair design. For instance, a camping chair for a toddler should come with a tray feature that makes eating super comfortable. Slightly older kids would appreciate a chair with a bag feature for keeping items and tools for setting up the chair. Not only will it be fun for them to set up their camping chairs, it goes a long way to show them that you trust them with that job.

Lock mechanism

Since camping chairs are ideally not very solid, they tend to fold up when not properly opened. This could pose safety hazards to kids. So consider buying a camping chair with a locking mechanism. This safeguard feature ensures the camping chair won’t fold up with your kid on it.

Cup holder

An often overlooked feature but boosts comfort. It’s great to hold liquids during meals or to stay hydrated when out on a summer trip. With a water bottle close by, kids are easily reminded to stay hydrated.


Summer is a fun time, especially when camping out on a hot, sunny beach. However, you may need a kid camping chair that comes with shades. It’ll help block out all the harsh, direct sun rays that summer is known to have. This way you don’t have to worry about skin burns while trying to have fun.

Wipeable material

Kids will always be kids. Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, they always find a new way to make a mess. As a parent, you have to always anticipate this, even with a kid camping chair. So get a chair with a material that’s easy to wipe and clean when that spill happens; because it will!


Kids camping chairs are unlike adult camping chairs and should be treated that way. These kids chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety to kids outdoors. When next you’re going on a trip with the family, buy camping chairs according to their ages. Toddler camping chairs will be different from that of a 5-year old. The post highlights some vital factors to consider whenever you’re out shopping for a kid’s camping chair.


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