Differences between UWELL Pod Systems and Mod Vaping Devices


Vaping is a satisfactory experience. However, beginners in vaping have much to learn about vaping supplies to enjoy the experience and differentiate several products. Among the supplies are vaping devices such as vape mods and pod systems. The two may seem similar but are quite different in appearance and purpose. The pods are smaller than mods, but all are convenient because they suit the preferences of a particular buyer. But, other significant variances affect you as a buyer. So, we discuss the differences between UWELL pod systems and mods vaping devices below.

Understanding the fundamental differences between UWELL pod systems and mods vaping devices

It’s not easy to get confused when shopping for UWELL pod systems and mods vaping devices because they always fall into different categories. However, if you do not know what these devices are all about, you will not distinguish their features and functionality. Let us help you learn by explaining a few basics below.

What are pod systems and mods?

Pod systems are vape devices that use vape pods in place of atomizers. They are compact and hence easily portable from one place to another. Mods, also called vape mods, are bigger and more potent than most pods. Most of these vape devices are also more advanced and produce a greater output.

What are their differences?

Both devices have several variances, but we will examine the three main ones.


Pod systems are more affordable than vape mods. Pods come in two styles, i.e., refillable and non-refillable. If the refillable is already cheap, imagine the cost of the non-refillable type. Surprisingly, it’s probably not what you think. Both are inexpensive. You can refill the pods with a flavored fluid of your choice. Mods, however, need much more function, from tanks to coils. While most cost higher than pod systems, they are still quite affordable.


How pods and mods operate or are used differs despite being vaping devices. Pods do well with fluids with higher nicotine content, and you can pick the flavor that excites your taste buds. Pod systems are the most relatable to cigarettes since most are lighter than mods. Mods don’t operate on a set amount of nicotine content. Any amount is acceptable as long as the user is okay. The mod vaping device allows customization where the user determines the amount of output or cloud density they want. Mods are known for high vapor outputs, unlike the pods, which give off minimal vapor.


Both devices use e-juices or liquids. However, the one in vape mods has high vegetable glycerin content to produce the thick vaping clouds. The e-solution can contain nicotine or none at all. Pod systems must use nicotine, available in different strengths.

Bottom line

UWELL pod systems and mods vaping devices are a massive part of any vaper’s life. They can be confusing, but the above-mentioned differences make things more straightforward. Distinguishing between the two helps buyers make better choices on which device to get. You can now visit the UWELL website and buy a pod system or mod device of choice.


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