Buying Guide for Best Rain Shower Heads


Rain shower heads are the most relaxing and aesthetically appealing shower head types. These shower heads provide vertically straight water flow with rain falling feeling. Not only the design of these showers is different, but in many cases, their installation and maintenance are also pretty diverted.

If you want to remodel your bathroom décor with the innovative rain shower heads, the Declinko shower head collection will surely provide you with an amazing solution. But before you check out the options, here are some points to consider;

1. Contemplate the Size and Design

Rain shower heads are available in different designs that vary in feel and size. In the market, you will get the rain shower head with handheld wand and the sleek shower plate as well. Both of these designs are pretty opposite in every aspect.

To pick the most appropriate shower head size and design, consider the size and interior of your bathroom, and below is the answer.

2. Consider Your Bathroom Space

The latest rain shower heads come up with very large designs that demand a lot of bathroom space. However, many options are also available for compact bathrooms as well.

3. Check Your Bathroom Water Supply

The rain shower heads might need different water supply conditions based on the installation method. For example, if you are purchasing the ceil-mounted shower, your bathroom ceiling should have a proper water supply system and vice versa.

Still, if you are into ceiling showers, prepare yourself for a money-consuming new water supply system.

4. Check the Shower is Aerated or Not

Aerated shower heads are the ones that reduce water usage by providing high water pressure. These shower heads are designed for a water conservation approach. The shower heads mix the water with air to form large droplets that maximize the water volume with less water consumption.

In rain shower heads, choosing the aerated showers is highly recommended because these showers have pretty wide nozzle patterns that need a lot of water to maintain pressure. So, when choosing the rain shower heads, check if the shower is aerated or not.

5. Determine the Type

The rain shower heads are among those few styles that can install with or on the ceiling. This feature makes these heads unique and fascinating. The ceil-mounted rain showers are fantastic to elevate the bathroom décor, but they are large space demanding if you want to enjoy them fully.

In your bathroom is not huge enough, you can consider the small-sized, ceiling-mounted rain shower heads have the same feel and are simple to install and clean.

6. Determine Your Budget

The rain shower heads are available at different prices based on their size, features, and design.

So, rather than wandering in the market and wasting your time on options, you cannot afford, determine your budget and follow that limit to ease your shopping day.


Hopefully, this article will help you to pick the right rain shower head from the market. Whether you purchase a high-end shower head or simple well-maintained options, you will surely feel the comfort and feel of rain from them.


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