613 Straight Hair Wig Looks More Trendy Buy From Hermosa


Suppose you have curly hair and need to change your style. But you will not want your hair damaged by using different chemicals. The alternative thing which you can use is different extensions and wigs. Hermosa Provide 613 straight hair wig in different designs and styles.

Hermosa provides the best solution for your curly hair. You want o to attend an event but need more time to make a hairstyle. You can easily buy a wig of straight hair. It looks more attractive and trendy. You can easily use this wig, which is original and natural.

613 Blonde Straight Wigs 13  4 HD Invisible Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

You can easily order your favorite design and style from Hermosa’s online store. Here you will find different styles and designs. These wigs are also available in different colors. You can match it with your skin and select the best one.

The material used in the making is 100% original human hair. You can easily dye or bleach this hair. It will not damage. The life of a wig depends on the use and care of the wig. Usually, a wig lasts up to a year. You can also find discounts for different events. They will deliver your product on time.

Specifications of the Products

Here are some distinctive specifications of the product. So, you will love to buy and use this product.

Hair Type of Wig

The hair type of wig consists of 13 4 lace front wigs, human hair.

Length of Hair

If you check the length, it is 18 to 26 inches. You can select the length according to your need and choice. It all depends on how much hair you require from a given length.

Hair texture

The texture of the hair is remarkable. The texture of the hair is 613 straight lace wigs.

Quality Hair

Hermosa provides the best and high-quality products to customers. You will find 100% human hair and baby hair around the wig.

The density of the wig

The density of the hair is 150%, which is the best.

Life Span

Although a wig’s life depends on its use, it lasts more than one year.

Hair Colors

As you know, Hermosa provides different colors of wigs. This wig is available in natural black. When you wear it, it looks gorgeous and enhances your personality.


You can part the wig as per your choice. The wig has HD lace which looks genuine.

You can easily manage it and use this wig. The texture of the wig is awesome and looks real.

Lace Material used

The wig is available in HD lace that matches every skin color.

Receiving Time

You can receive your order in almost 3 to 5 working days.

Return & Exchange Policy

Hermosa offers you a safe return and exchange policy for the product. If you do not use this wig, you can return it or exchange it within 30 days.

Final Remarks

Hermosa is a platform providing the best quality product. They will maintain quality. In wigs, use 100% original hair. You feel the texture, and it looks organic. It is a reliable platform for buying and ordering different kinds of wigs.


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