How to Make Your Pressure Washer Last Longer

Car washing with pressure washer

Buying a pressure washer may be a long-term goal for anyone who loves the easy life. But at the same time, maintaining a pressure washer is essential. The uses of a pressure washer are so much and exciting that you won’t want it to spoil for any reason. However, the chances of your pressure washer getting damaged depend on your attitude to using the device. Of course, all machines, including the pressure washers, have a lifespan that you should expect to get spoiled. But with good maintenance, you may be able to have your pressure washer last longer than you will expect.

Generally, when we hear good maintenance, many people assume that we should not use the pressure washer frequently- but that is wrong. Maintaining your pressure washer doesn’t mean you can not use it when you deem it fit. What it means is you will need to use the pressure washer optimally and be aware of impending damages. If you want to make your pressure washer last longer, you can keep reading this guide, as we will be giving tips you need to make your pressure washer last longer.

Buy from a good supplier

The best way to get a pressure washer that will last is through a preventive mechanism. You have to be sure that the manufacturer of your pressure washer is a tested and trusted supplier. That way, you have some assurance that the machine you get is a good one. And when it is not that good, you can rest assured that you can change it with the supplier. Another reason why you should use a good supplier is they know how to advise you appropriately on the suitable pressure washer to use and why you need to stick to it. So you can call them for consultations.

Use a pump protector

The pump is the central part of the pressure washer. Without the pump, the whole idea of pressure washing is almost useless. It is the pump that increases the pressure of the water before it is released to wash the surface. Therefore at all costs, you must ensure that the pump is in good working conditions at all times. An excellent way to ensure this is by using a pump protector to safeguard the pressure washer pump.

Clear your nozzle off any debris

Most times, when any part of the pressure washer gets damaged, the problem usually starts from the nozzle. If the nozzle is blocked with any particles, it may not give room for water to flow out of the pressure washer. In turn, it will mean water is continuously in the pressure washer with nowhere to go out. When the water gets beyond its capacity, it may break apart.

Change oil

If you are using pressure water, it means you know there is oil used around the pumps. So as a way of protecting the pumps, you need to ensure that the oils around the pump are changed regularly. Also, you must ensure that your pressure washer pumps are flushed off all water immediately after use.


Another safety precaution you must not forget is changing the O-rings of the pressure washer. It is as crucial as some of the safety precautions we mentioned above.


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